Saturday, June 02, 2007

Summer Solstice Giveaway!!

In honor of the time of year vampires like least (long days and relentless sunshine!), I'm having a Summer Solstice Giveaway!!

I'm giving away a t-shirt, with the cover of "Undead in the City" on the front (extra large, so you can use it for sleepwear if you're a petite soul), a tote bag featuring a picture of the cover, and a download of "Undead in the City."

Three prizes!!


How do you grab the goods?

Go here:

Read the excerpt from "Undead in the City"

Answer these questions:

1. What was a hand job the equivalent of?

2. What did the relentlessly escalating urge mean?

3. He'd heard Quade had a what?

4. How would the hapless fools end their worthless existences as?

Send your answers to my email address:

I'll randomly select 3 winners on the evening of the Summer Solstice, June 21. Winners will be notified individually and their names posted here.

Happy Solstice!

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