Saturday, May 19, 2007


I'm helping Lynda Hilburn gather information about a topic of crucial importance: Vampires!

She's going to put together some information for an article or two, and I'm pitching in.

My questions are:
How many kinds of vampires do you think there are (monster-type, angsty, warrior, gorgeous lover, superior to humans?, what else?)?
Of those, which kind is your favorite?

If you'd like to put in your two cents, we'd love to know! Feel free to comment.

Wouldn't Nacho (above) make a great vampire?

Here's Lynda's blog, if you haven't read her part yet:

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Friday, May 11, 2007

Great Surprise! Fallen Angel Review

Awesome Surprise!

I was googling myself and found this review that I'd totally missed. How cool when this stuff happens:

Alana Fairfax has lived with the tortured memory of her husband’s horrible death for the last four years. That New Year’s Eve that he died, her life ended with him. She stopped writing the vampire romance stories that she loved so much and just lived day to day. Now on the anniversary of the tragedy, she finds herself alone and walking the same dark and eerie path. Tonight things are different and on the spot of his murder she finds herself caught up in the moment and losing track of time. The dark stranger who finds her has the looks of a romance cover model. After their meeting things will never be the same for Alana.

This book was delicious. One can’t help but feel the Alana’s pain at the loss of her husband due to tragic circumstances. Winston is every paranormal fan’s dream hero. He is dark and brooding with a sentimental and caring side. The attraction between the two is almost immediate, and the way Alana’s past in entwined into the story was a delightful twist. Ms. St. Aubyn pens a great vampire tale, and this reviewer would love to read a longer more in depth paranormal by this author.

Reviewed by: JoAnn
Fallen Angel Reviews
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