Monday, July 02, 2007

Coffeetime Romance Review, "Undead in the City"

Rating: 5 cups

Tempest Moon is the lead guitarist in a rock band. All she wants to do is play her gigs, have sex with whoever strikes her fancy, and be in total control of her life while she and the band wait to be discovered. That all changes though when her fancy takes her to Malveaux.

Malveaux is a 200 year old vampire who is just looking for a place to get out of the cold when he enters the dive that Tempest and her band are playing in. He takes an instant liking to Tempest and decides that she will be his first offspring.

When Malveaux’s enemy Quade sends a couple of vampire thugs to do him in, it interrupts his and Tempest’s fun. But these newly undead are not the only ones after him, even his mob boss has it in for him. As he and Tempest attempt to work out their relationship, again and again his enemies attack them. Malveaux does not count on actually caring for Tempest, nor she for him. When Quade comes up with a truly devious plot, will Tempest and Malveaux survive this latest attack? Or will they lose each other forever?

Undead in the City follows the Dracula theme, but with its own unique flavor. Ms. St. Aubyn does a fantastic job of following the vampire myth carefully, and then adding her own spin to it. I adored reading about Tempest and her “damn the torpedos” attitude. Malveaux’s confusion about the best way to deal with her is hilarious. The sex is hot enough to fry eggs on the side walk making this an exciting read. The villains are just as entertaining as the good guys, and all personalities are well defined. This is one fun read that no one should miss!

Regina, Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance