Tuesday, October 24, 2006

"Trick or Treat" Available Today!

My short story, Trick or Treat, is available for sale!


Just as she passed a set of etched-glass windows, the full moon emerged from behind a cloud and illuminated the room.

She gasped, pressing a hand to her breast.

A man stood before her. And what a man. He was over six feet tall, with broad shoulders and a muscular chest. The state of his chest was apparent because he wasn’t wearing a shirt. His hair was very light and long enough to brush his elbows. He had amazing eyes. They seemed to shift in the ever-changing moonlight that played over his face, flowing from blue to silver and back again. She’d never seen their like before.

He smiled, the corners of his lush lips rising.

Her heart beat like a ritual drum, the rhythm escalating as her breathing quickened. What an astoundingly-desirable man. Almost unnaturally so. Hot juices dampened the silk thong she’d purchased for this special occasion. Her bra-less nipples hardened and pushed through the fabric of her black velvet blouse as her breasts swelled in anticipation.

(Of course, if this yummy fellow was really a vampire, he'd have combusted by now. But let's pretend . . .)

Friday, October 13, 2006

October Contest! Friday the 13th through Halloween!

Winners! I picked two names from the comments for the contest and the winners are:
Jenny brat

Congratulations, ladies! Would you please contact me, so I can find out which one of the stories (mine or Lynda's) you'd like?

Lynda Hilburn and Hera St. Aubyn are having a contest!

Imagine that your Fairy Godmother pops in and says she’s going to grant you one incredible Halloween night. She says you can select the spooky location and activity of your choice, and you get to take the luscious male of your dreams with you. (Hey! Be wild and crazy, this is a fantasy!)

So, leave a comment here telling us:
Where’s the spooky location you wish to visit?
What’s your planned activity? (As if we didn’t know!)
Which bewitchingly gorgeous male are you taking with you and why?

We’ll choose 2 names from Lynda’s blog and 2 names from Hera’s blog to receive a free download of any of our stories from The Wild Rose Press. Winners will be selected on Halloween night and posted on our blogs.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Wild Rose Press Bought Another Story from Hera!

Vampire of my Dreams has been purchased! It's a spicy/hot short-story about my favorite topic: vampire love. Hera loves being an author! Here's a blurb:

Alana Fairfax wrapped her cloak tightly around her as she hurried down the dark, empty street toward home. The full moon cast long, eerie shadows as she passed the old, nightmarish cemetery surrounding the gothic mansion she’d avoided for the last four years. The place her husband had died. As if her feet had a will of their own, she found herself standing in front of the hated place. Overcome and feeling strangely dizzy, she slumped against the cold bars of the iron fence. Struggling to rouse herself, she gasped as imaginary hands caressed her body and a sensuous voice whispered in her mind. Surrendering to the otherworldly seduction, she opened her eyes to discover an extraordinarily handsome stranger only inches away. He lifted her into his arms, and Alana’s life changed forever.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Excerpt from "Trick or Treat"

He eased his pants down his legs and kicked them aside, finally giving her a full view of his long, muscular body. His beautiful form reminded her of an alabaster statue of one of the gods she’d seen in Europe years ago. But this god was hers for the taking.