Tuesday, October 24, 2006

"Trick or Treat" Available Today!

My short story, Trick or Treat, is available for sale!


Just as she passed a set of etched-glass windows, the full moon emerged from behind a cloud and illuminated the room.

She gasped, pressing a hand to her breast.

A man stood before her. And what a man. He was over six feet tall, with broad shoulders and a muscular chest. The state of his chest was apparent because he wasn’t wearing a shirt. His hair was very light and long enough to brush his elbows. He had amazing eyes. They seemed to shift in the ever-changing moonlight that played over his face, flowing from blue to silver and back again. She’d never seen their like before.

He smiled, the corners of his lush lips rising.

Her heart beat like a ritual drum, the rhythm escalating as her breathing quickened. What an astoundingly-desirable man. Almost unnaturally so. Hot juices dampened the silk thong she’d purchased for this special occasion. Her bra-less nipples hardened and pushed through the fabric of her black velvet blouse as her breasts swelled in anticipation.

(Of course, if this yummy fellow was really a vampire, he'd have combusted by now. But let's pretend . . .)


L. Rosario said...

oooh, I'm pretending! Does he need me to wash his back...side ;)


Hera St. Aubyn said...

Let me ask him. I'll have to dive back into the water again. I've still got all this mud all over me from our last "conversation."

L. Rosario said...

Oh Hera, daaaaaaaaaaarling! I just read Trick or Treat.
What a fantastically hot and fun story. I hope everyone checks it out!!
*big grin*

Hera St. Aubyn said...

Thank you, my friend! I so appreciate your sweet support!

Loretta said...

oh boy, a mud bath.

Hera St. Aubyn said...

You should see the OTHER photo I have of this fellow. It took me a couple of minutes to figure out what the large, protruding object was (it was covered with mud). Hose me down.