Saturday, June 16, 2007

Another Good Review for "Vampire of my Dreams"

Alana Fairfax has avoided the area she now finds herself in; it was in this very spot her husband had been taken from her four years ago. She cannot even remember how she arrived here tonight. But when mysterious, unseen hands begin to caress and arouse her; she begins to feel dizzy, until she is swept up in the arms of a very gorgeous, very dark stranger.

This dark stranger, Winston Grayson has known Alana since her childhood, in fact he was a part of her life then, but has kept his distance since. Now that she has come to him, he refuses to loose her again. Can Alana accept that the man she loves is in fact just like the characters she writes about in her books; that he is not exactly alive.

Hera St. Aubyn has written a hot sexy story, that I found entertaining and fun from page one. Alana was such a well-written character the reader will feel her pain as well as her happiness and her need. And her dark stranger, well he is just gorgeous and every woman’s fantasy. Anyone who enjoys a good vampire story with a little spice will love this one.
Overall rating: 5 hearts

Sensuality rating: Very sensual
Reviewer: Sandra, The Romance Studio

June 14, 2007

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